December 09, 2011


Does Eden Awake Tameless Hell
Does Equinox See Its Restless Eye
Does Euphoria Lay In Rooms I Used More
Does Everybody Sleep Through Ruins Under Ceilings That Illusion Owns Nevermore
Does Each Song Purely Eye-Ripping Away Turn Into Old Nonsense
Does Evermore Seem To Inweave No Yesterday
Does Reality Ear Absent-minded Melancholia

on air:

May 30, 2011

I am like a big strong cable
I am like a girl soft inside
Finally today I'm able
To put you in the ground

words: Jimmy Gnecco

July 27, 2009


"Qual è il nome della parola
per quel preciso momento
in cui capisci
che in uno scatto c'è quell'emozione
che respirava nell'immagine viva e nella musica,
ma che non pensavi avresti mai potuto fermare
e ti senti come se sia stata la tua anima
a scattare la fotografia senza avvisarti?

"Non c'è."

"Oh, pensavo che c'era."

May 28, 2009

29. 05. 1997

your music
blowing in my soul
breathing on my skin
flowing in my blood
never gone
thank you

April 18, 2009


Delirium Desire(s) a Delight(ful) Dream.
The blind eyes of Destiny remind her
of what she forgets, over and aver again.
No Delight untouched by Destruction.
No Desire without a taste of Death.
Delirium keeps on Dream(ing) Delight.
Dream keeps on (un)Delight(ing) Delirium.

March 01, 2009

Will I always be here?

In your room Where time stands still Or moves at your will
Will you let the morning come soon Or will you leave me lying here
In your favourite darkness Your favourite half-light,
Your favourite consciousness
Your favourite slave
In your room Where souls disappear Only you exist here
Will you lead me to your armchair Or leave me lying here
Your favourite innocence Your favourite prize
Your favourite smile Your favourite slave
I'm hanging on your words
Living on your breath
Feeling with your skin
Will I always be here
In your room Your burning eyes Cause flames to arise
Will you let the fire die down soon Or will I always be here
Your favourite passion Your favourite game
Your favourite mirror Your favourite slave
I'm hanging on your words
Living on your breath Feeling with your skin
Will I always be here

words & music: Depeche Mode
image: Lady Door

September 17, 2008


The Garden of Destiny.
You would know it if you saw it.
After all, you will wander it until you die.
Or beyond.
For the paths are long,
and even in death
there is not ending to them.

Words: Neil Gaiman
Image: Lady Door